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She flits through the sky; her erratic nature evident in her sudden swoops and frenzied whirls. Her magic bow and powers of flight could not be bottled up within her village, so she dashed off into the vast sky in search of excitement and color.

An Erune woman blessed with myriad talents, chief among them the abilities to wield a magic bow and to sustain flight completely unaided. She once acted as a guardian for her home village, watching over an altar where a sinister force was enshrined. But she grew tired of the tiresome regimen and abandoned her post. Now she wanders wherever the wind takes her. Her arrows are a reflection of this freedom—unhindered by any obstacle and sure to find their target. Once she sets her eyes on a mark, there’s nowhere to hide.


Granblue Fantasy Versus



Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising


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