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Love Heart
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Love Heart is the main protagonist of SNK's Pachinko series, Sky Love. Love Heart is the captain of the Elicion III. She has a grudge against Skull D. Falcon for killing her father. Like her father, she is a skilled fighter who is strong enough to fire two bazookas at once. She wears her father's keepsake around her neck, which can grant her mysterious powers. Once she avenges her father, she struggles to overthrow the Neo G Falcon who resurrected himself after his defeat.
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The King of Fighters XIV

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SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy



Page Updated:  Oct. 11th, 2018

Love Heart..... Think she's related to Ruby Heart? Or B. Jenet? Besides that uber-generic, weird name of hers, Love Heart's visual design isn't half bad... although I'm not sure how she fits into the KOF series. I guess she's not really supposed to fit in, since she's just a guest character from SNK's Pachinko series, Sky Love. On that note, only people who have played these Japanese pachinko machines will recognize or fully appreciate this character in KOF XIV.

The fact that she fights with a magical sword and flies around.... is... cool? I guess. She looks cool while fighting, as her animations are done pretty well, but again, she just doesn't jive with KOF. She'd actually fit better in Guilty Gear or a Marvel VS Capcom style game with that fighting style. Nonetheless, she does add some very random "variety" to KOF XIV.

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