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Born into a mixed family of martial artists, Lei Huang was the top disciple. Fifteen years ago, the clan split into two factions and Huang became supervisor of the lower limb. One day, the young Huang murdered a relative who mocked him, so he was exiled. Having wandered for more than one decade, his spirit was forged as a stone shaped by water and that young rebel found calm. One day he received a letter inviting him to participate in a tournament, so he decided, along with his adopted son Laohu, to embark on the adventure of the Xuan Dou Tournament.


Xuan Dou Zhi Wang




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Page Updated:  Aug. 3rd, 2019

LEGEND. What a cool name for a Karate guy.... unless he gave that name to himself - in which case... not so cool. lol. Some martial artists are too egotistical, but given the way this dude looks, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Legend has a strong "shoto flavor" about his fighting style. However, he's definitely not a total rip-off of Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Ryo, or anyone else... believe it or not. Legend has quite a few Karate-based attacks that are very unique to him. In terms of animation, his attacks are rather awesome-looking and have impressive "pop" when they connect - as any true fighting game character's attacks should. Legend's hairstyle might be a bit much and arguably one of the weaker aspects of his design (since it's been done many times before). Overall, he's a very solid character design for the series as the prominent "Karate" user. Both is 1P and 2P designs are badass I'd say. His 2P costume definitely seems inspired from Grant.

On a side note, his adopted son Laohu appears during his intro before the fight. Legend takes the kid by the arm and tosses him aside, just before the match begins... ^o^ What a superb intro animation. Superb. 

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