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Lee Won Hee
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Won-Hee is the daughter of the Yuan Xiaodao Museum curator. Learning Tae Kwon Do since she was a child, when she was 16 she was already 4th Dan black belt, but that was simply because of age (her skill is actually the one of a 7th Dan black belt). Won-hee was going to inherit her family’s dojo after graduating from college, however the financial crisis swept through Korea, and their dojo business struggled. Looking for the Xuan Dou Tournament Prize Money, Won Hee decided to participate in order to save the family dojo.


Xuan Dou Zhi Wang




Page Updated:  Sept. 8th, 2013

To state the blatantly obvious, Lee Won Hee is a Juri Han wannabe! ...her name even sounds like "wannabe"... or should I say Wonna Hee. Heh heh. I usually enjoy using TKD fighters in fighting games since I practice the martial art in real life. I can't say I don't enjoy using her in XDZW... a lot of her basic attacks and special moves aren't bad. However, she definitely ripped off Chun-Li's Lighting Kicks, and Juri's spinning cartwheel kick as well... so she looses originality points there.

She's a pretty cute fighter and all, but her default outfit is firstly too much of a rip-off of Juri's, and just looks straight-up "odd" from some angles. They could've made her a more interesting design (and less of a rip off) I think.

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