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Kukri is a member of a mysterious secret society. He hides his face with a hood at all times and nobody knows his true identity. He uses the power of sand to attack his opponents and move around quickly during battles. His team ending reveals that he is familiar with Verse, especially one the monster's half-power within Shun'ei. He was hired by Elisabeth to enter The King of Fighters XIV Tournament to find and rescue Ash who's residing inside Verse.


The King of Fighters XIV

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SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy


Page Updated:  Apr. 16th, 2020

KOF's answer to Noob Saibot? Interesting. Kukri's got natural coolness and badass-factor and some sick special moves. He seems like he's out of Lin's camp or even trained with Duo Lon at some point. His potty-mouth caught me off guard (he curses at people often in story mode), as it doesn't seem to match his seemingly "cool and calm" demeanor... but it makes him interesting. His moves and special moves are interesting, hit hard, and suit him visually. He's easily one of the best newcomers from KOF XIV. Although, I think it would be cool if he lost the hood during gameplay. 

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