An unequaled swordsman searching for his lost brother. Born under the Warrior's Moon, Korr is the most gifted swordsman to emerge from the Tarok tribe in generations. An incomparable physical specimin, Korr can defeat four of his mates with just a dagger. Using his devastating Broad Sword and refined weapon techniques, Korr can lock blades with the best fighters who have ever walked the planet!

So adept is Korr that he was named Master Warrior, a title not bestowed on any other Tarok for two decades... except for one other, Korr's twin brother Kang. Korr's (not identical) twin has been missing for many years. No one knows if he's even alive. Korr still hopes one day to hear word of his brother Kang...

Korr is aggressive, but honorable and rarely uses any techniques that could be considered underhanded. Since he met the DemonLord, he is on a personal mission to complete his training and prove his worth once and for all my deposing this dictator of the combat circuits.








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