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Schuvaltz Katze
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Schuvaltz Katze is a hitman hired by Hanzaki. He uses a gun, and is thus able to use long-range attacks, putting him at a slight advantage over the sword users. However, he is unable to fight at all once his legs are damaged - putting the fight to an abrupt end. He is selectable in the first Bushido Blade after completing Slash Mode on Hard without dying, but is only in VS mode.


Bushido Blade


Bushido Blade 2


Page Updated:  Aug. 1st, 2019

Look at this f**ker. Yeah, them PS1 graphics... but you know what, this mofo looks sick. Look at his frilly-ass shirt with feathers. This guy knows Lee Chaolan's secretary and hits on her with Lee knowing about it. Seriously tho, as far as the "coolest" PS1 character models goes... I'd challenge you to find a cooler looking blocky mofo. *mic drop*

The real Bushido Blade crew know 'sup. I don't know, this gangsta just gets me talkin' like that. Yo, seeing a gun-user in Bushido Blade was definitely unexpected. Although he's a dishonorable jerk for bringing a gun to a katana fight, he was a real ***** badass. Visually, he Katzu was also distinguishable from the rest of the cast. And no doubt having sword VS gun battles in the game was seriously entertaining for a while... it was kinda balanced when sword users could dodge bullets and stuff. Katze - Leveled up Fun Factor in Bushido Blade 100%. lol. 

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