Warrior Queen of the Arenas, rising to meet the ultimate challenge. Out of all the arena masters, Jen-Tai is said to be the DemonLord's most favored. She is the tallest, strongest, most imposing warrior ever to enter the battle circuit. She participates in the tournament as the final challenge contestants must face before they reach the great DemonLord himself!

Jen-Tai started her career as a mercenary, selling her Sword to whoever could afford it. She was a soldier of fortune, conquering her enemies and achieving the glory due her. Eventually, Jen-Tai's path led her to the great arena fighting circuit. Jen-Tai decided to retire from her career as a mercenary and join the arenas for the sake of her love for swordplay.

Noble and proud, Jen-Tai values honor above all else. She has no desire for violence or killing; the thrill of combat and bettering herself is all she lives for. She usually does not kill her opponents, instead sparing their lives so that they may learn lessons from her and return to challenge her again.







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