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Hokkyoku Tsubame
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Hokkyoku Tsubame is a high-ranking, Korean female assassin on Hanzaki's side. She uses a sword that is used in a similar manner to the rapier, although it is slightly wider. She is one of the faster characters, and can use "spin" attacks. Tsubame is a non-playable character in the first Bushido Blade. She returned in Bushido Blade 2 as an unlockable hidden character, however in that game, she wears a bikini and wields an M-16 rifle.


Bushido Blade



Bushido Blade 2


Page Updated:  Nov. 19th, 2020

I remember thinking Tsubame was cool when I encountered her (as a secret character) in the first Bushido Blade. She had that badass aura about her, being a hidden character and all. (I only wished I was able to play as her. I think she was only playable using a GameShark or something, lol).

Interestingly, she returned in Bushido Blade 2... completely unrecognizable from her original appearance. Her Bushido Blade 2 attire is laughably sexualized, and the fact that she fights with an M-16 rifle was also quite the joke. Gotta admit though, having gun VS sword (or gun VS gun) battles in Bushido Blade was pretty stupid fun for the time. Fond PS1 memories right here.

In retrospect, they should've kept her closer to her original appearance when she returned in BB2. I think her original design was pretty solid. She had just the right amount of "traditional" mixed with modern + sexy to make her design work.

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