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A well-meaning half-demon whose true name is Anung Un Rama ("and upon his brow is set a crown of flame"), Hellboy was summoned from Hell to Earth as a baby on October 5th by Nazi occultists (spawning his hatred for Nazis). He was discovered by the Allied Forces; amongst them, Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, who formed the United States Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.). In time, Hellboy grew to be a large, red-skinned adult with a tail, horns (which he files off, leaving behind circular stumps on his forehead), cloven hooves for feet, and an oversized right hand made of stone (the "Right Hand of Doom"). He has been described as smelling of dry-roasted peanuts. Although a bit gruff, he shows none of the malevolence thought to be intrinsic to classical demons, and has an ironic sense of humor. This is said to be because of his upbringing under Professor Bruttenholm, who raised him as a normal boy.

Hellboy works for the B.P.R.D., an international non-governmental agency, and for himself against dark forces including Nazis and witches, in a series of tales that have their roots in folklore, pulp magazines, vintage adventure, Lovecraftian horror and horror fiction. In earlier stories, he is identified as the "World's Greatest Paranormal Investigator." Hellboy first appeared in San Diego-Comic-Con Comics #2 (August 1993). He was created by writer-artist Mike Mignola.
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Injustice 2

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Page Updated:  June 5th, 2019

Hellboy is Hellboy... I liked the design ever since I first saw him. Not your typical superhero. Good, I get tired of those types these days. Hellboy's Injustice 2 fighting game debut was... as expected. He's Helloby, with jittery and stiff animation from NetherRealm Studios. lol. Nah, they did a decent job (to sound cliche for the cliche-loving types). Is that enough of an overview? Who fuckin' cares. He's Hellboy. He has to get a good rating, right?

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