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Eliza is an Egyptian-themed villainess. She's a popular night club singer in New Meridian, but she holds a terrible secret. She hasn't appeared in a lot of official artwork but her name currently appears in the Medici tower stage. A celebrity diva known for her charity, in reality she uses her Parasite Sekhmet to feed off her blood drives and preserve her own beauty. When the Medicis found out, they used it as leverage for business and to call upon her vampiric abilities. Now forced into the pursuit for the Skull Heart, an ancient ambition stirs... one that Samson and Leviathan are all too familiar with.

Because of her kinship with her parasite, Eliza can control her own blood. Each time she is hit she bleeds, MK style, and the blood stays on the stage. Certain specials and supers can then use it. Eliza will probably have two modes: one where Sekhmet is inside Eliza’s body, with slow, powerful attacks; and another where Eliza anchors herself onto the Staff of Ra and Sekhmet herself becomes a faster, more mobile character with new abilities.


Skullgirls Encore

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Skullgirls 2nd Encore



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