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D'Vorah is a female member of the Kytinn species, a species of colonial insects from the Arnyek islands who live inside humanoid bodies. She hails from Outworld and serves its new emperor, Kotal Kahn. D'Vorah's realm was conquered by Shao Kahn and she chose to serve the emperor to avoid becoming a slave. Rising in political power, D'Vorah now serves Kotal Kahn as his second in command and closest advisor, assisting him in the civil war against Mileena. D'Vorah's insect affinity gives her control over several different types of large bugs and winged insects. She can use the bugs for a variety of purposes, from offensive attacks to even sealing wounds. Her natural extra limbs give her lethal pincers to use in combat and allow her to fly to a degree.
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Mortal Kombat X


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Mortal Kombat 11


Page Updated:  Sep. 1st, 2023

D'Vorah is one of the most interesting and well thought-out MK character designs I've seen in many, many years. Not only is her "concept" well thought-out, but it's executed perfectly in-game and in her moveset. For that reason, she's easily my personal favorite character out of all the new MKX designs. Not only for her sister appearance, but her badass moves. Her special moves are cool and all, but her "normals" and pokes are all really interesting.

Some might say she's "creepy" or "gross'... but it's the idea behind the character design that's beautifully executed. Her role in the MKX story isn't half bad either. They definitely gave her the screen time she deserved. It's nice to see MK designs evolving in such a positive direction. I never thought I'd be giving an MK character a "5" ten rating. :) 

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