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Diego is a Mexican American street fighter hailing from New York. Diego grew up on the back streets of New York and is known to some as the "uncrowned street hero". He began fighting in street competitions to earn money and support his sick mother, and has continued to do so ever since. Being rumored to be the strongest fighter in his neighborhood, he is seen as a sort of hero by many children there. Though he appears to be very distrusting and indifferent towards the world outside, perhaps...

Diego's fighting style is the raw and ruthless style of dark alleys. Everything goes in a street fight, whether it is hard punches, tackles, or headbutts. Many of his stronger moves are also based on his experience of fighting in confined quarters, and next to walls.


Dead or Alive 6

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Page Updated:  Feb. 27th, 2023

So it seems to me... Tecmo Koei wanted Travis Touchdown as a DLC guest fighter in DOA6... but they couldn't afford his appearance fee, so they got this Hispanic Travis Touchdown cosplayer instead. When he showed up for work, this dude straight-up forgot his beam katana cosplay prop. Totally left it at home. So... Tecmo Koei just said, ohh well... what was your name again? Ohh right, Diego. Well Diego, just do some kind of karate fighting moves and we'll put you in the game anyway.

That's when Diego remembered some cool moves from his favorite TEKKEN character, Miguel, and tried to mimic them. LOL. What can be said about this guy's moveset? Nothing extraordinary... not much artistic direction at all... and unsurprisingly, very sloppy animation. It's interesting that other "newer" DOA character designs (usually females) have pretty crisp animations in DOA6, but somehow they can't get males to move correctly. Diego's center of gravity during attack animations is completely off... it doesn't look like he's doing martial arts or fighting of any kind. Part of his design? Not buyin' it. Diego looks like a cosplayer who has never done any kind of real fighting even one day in his life, but is trying anyway. Diego is a pretty big disappointment for one of the only "new" characters in DOA6.

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