Chaos Bringer


One of the Astrals who invaded the Sky Realm thousands of years ago, long before the War broke out. He was sealed away in Pandemonium until the fallen angel Belial released him from his forced slumber. Obsessed with becoming the supreme being, he wields a substance capable of slaying immortalsóchaos matter. And at his beck and call is Avatar, the manifestation of destruction. Sky Realm, Astral Realm, Crimson Horizonóhis hands will mold these realms into one so that he may stand above all in creation. He is also known by the name "Beelzebub".


Granblue Fantasy Versus



Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising


Page Updated:  Feb. 27th, 2023

Igniz, Is that you? While his name (Chaos Bringer) kinda makes me laugh... this dude seems like a cool design as first glance (besides almost being an Igniz rip-off at first glance). Let's give him a fair shake though. Did you see his gameplay trailer? Tons of epic animations, dynamic boss-level poses, and what looks to be a godlike fighting style. I'm definitely going to try learning him. C'mon, he looks badass!

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