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Brazel is the right hand of the President of the Cult/Science Organization SHINE, collaborating closely with him but also making great suspicions rise. SHINE has a key role in the struggle between the ERD and the Fung family. Having been the first one to "Awaken" during the "first baptism", Brazel gathered important information on the EVA, including a super secret formula to accelerate the "Awakening”, which he stole from the ERD. Brazel is aware that time will come for a "second impact", and only then he will reveal his true intentions: To destroy Humanity.

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang


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Page Updated:  July 3rd, 2019

Who's this guy? Bet you've never heard of him....

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang is a pretty cool game, because it has characters like Brazel. Very KOF right? Upon using Brazel, it's crystal clear to any KOF fan that Brazel is pretty heavily inspired by Iori Yagami. He's got that evil aura about him... and also takes inspiration from several of Iori's well-known moves. He even has an alternate "crazy" version, just like Iori.

While he could be classified as a "rip-off" type character... Brazel does have some unique attributes and mannerisms of his own. If you're a KOF fan and you haven't seen Brazel in gameplay, you probably want to, right? See that? Good character design because your interesting. I have mixed feelings about Brazel's default attire... but it works for the series. However, his Devil Jin-inspired 2P look might be his coolest iteration. Either way, cool character.

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