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Cold, calculating, unfeeling and absolutely single-minded in his goals, the aptly nicknamed Collector of Worlds journeys across the universe gathering information and knowledge from every civilization he encounters. But enlightenment isn't Brainiac's goal. Instead, he seeks the superiority that comes with knowledge. But what power does knowledge truly hold if everyone can obtain it? While more benevolent minds might be content to learn and share new knowledge, when Brainiac encounters a new civilization, he captures and bottles entire cities full of people and technology as samples-before destroying the planet and moving on, leaving little more than rubble in his wake.

Brainiac is vastly intelligent and driven by pure, unwavering logic. Superman must utilize all of his powers when battling against the villain and his army of robot drones, but any chance at defeating Brainiac requires brains as well as brawn... and outthinking, out-planning and outwitting one of the smartest beings in the universe is a task few heroes are up to.

Brainiac's power and intelligence make him one of Superman's most dangerous foes-both as a direct threat and as a constant reminder to the entire world of just how big a danger an alien presence can truly be.
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Injustice 2

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Page Updated:  Sep. 3rd, 2019

My first exposure to this character was actually in Injustice 2. The theme of Braniac's design is interesting enough for a super-villain. Super-villain should be smart... yet... smart enough to not call themselves something as stupid as "Braniac". That's what 7 year olds name themselves.

Anywho, his powers are kinda cool. Sadly, in Injustice 2, he moves and fights like an old man who never stretched out a day in his life. Thankfully, NRS animators at least did a great job with his special move / tentacle arm effects... cool visual stuff for fighting game specials. On the downside, Braniac's main role in the Injustice 2 storyline was laughably weak, with him falling into the brain-dead cliché of explaining all of his evil plans to the heroes. Comic villains doing that became tiresome in the 90's (even long before that). Why are they still using these ancient / boring story elements in the 2010's is beyond me. lol. It's ironic that "Braniac" isn't actually smart enough to NOT explain the entirety of his evil plans to the DC heroes - so they can do something about it and save the day. A convincing villain shouldn't be so dumb and predictable.

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