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Black Canary
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One of DC Universe's earliest super heroines, the Black Canary mantle has been worn by a few different women across decades of appearances in comics, cartoon, TV shows and video games-but none is better known than Dinah Laurel Lance. Inspired by her father and his career in the Gotham City Police Department, Dinah wasn't able to join the force, but she found a different way of following in his crime fighting footsteps-as a black-clad, street smart vigilante.

Driven to protect the streets and keep citizens safe in whatever city she calls home, Dinah has a fighter's spirit and determination. Her ultrasonic scream isn't the only ability that sets her apart as Black Canary, but it is her verbal calling card. She wields the noise with precision to crumble objects and incapacitate foes. A devoted student of martial arts and other methods of hand-to-hand combat, she is now a master and teaches what she's learned to up-and-coming super heroes. Dinah uses her impressive skills alongside her frequent and sometimes romantic partner Green Arrow, and she has proven herself to be a team player on multiple occasions-having worked with the Justice League of America and led her own team of Gotham-based heroes, the Birds of Prey.
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Injustice 2

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