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Andrei is a 28 year old professional boxer from Russia. He has a strong sense of responsibility, a calm personality, lots of faith, and respect for his teachers. Being a famous Russian boxer, he was even the three times light heavyweight world champion. Andre is good speaking both Russian and English (NOTE: His battlecries in this game are in English), he is currently training in the United States and hardening to participate in various light heavyweight tournaments. Andrei‘s goal is to win the Xuan Dou Tournament, to make Russia proud. The victory of a young Russian boxer in a different nation would Andrei and his country’s more proud than anything. In boxing circles he’s nicknamed "The Red Soldier" - because he would never betray Russia.


Xuan Dou Zhi Wang






Page Updated:  Apr. 14th, 2021

Awesome... it's nice to see a new 2D fighting game boxer! It sure has been a while. Naturally, Andrei appears to follow the footsteps of Vanessa, Dudley, and Balrog. Good thing he doesn't slick back his hair, or else one might confuse him for a Steve Fox clone. (Good thing he's Russian and not British, too). lol.

From what I've seen so far, Andrei has smooth animations, some pretty cool swaying / dodging techniques, and yes... he punches hard. Hehe. I haven't unlocked him in the game yet, but once I do I'll post my full review. 

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