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Zola is a famous opera singer, who doubles as an assassin for the Organization. She participates in the third Toshinden tournament. Her physical appearance is based on Catwoman of the Batman franchise and she also exhibits some of the same feline behavior as her, including scratching herself with her foot before a round begins, running on all fours, rubbing her head against her whip as one of her win poses and embarrassedly grooming herself if she is defeated when being controlled in a single-player gameplay mode.


Battle Arena Toshinden 3




Page Updated:  July 1st, 2019

Zola has some obvious inspirations from Catwoman and Doronjo... but I'm not hatin' on her. Daaaamn. I'd say she's doing a good job at it. She looks good to me... and rip-off or not, Zola is one of the more interesting and cool characters in Toshinden 3. Slim pickins' and all... but hey.

No doubt any Catwoman fan would wanna try her out in the game. Zola's in-game fighting style isn't bad either, though she borrows many things from Sofia if I remember correctly.

On a side note: Cleavage. That's a lot of cleavage. ^o^

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