Zazie Muhaba


Zazie loves the great nature of Africa and the art of Karate. Zazie founded the African Nature Protection Society to protect the animals in his native Kenya from poachers. He entered the Great Grapple tournament to raise funding for his organization. Zazie's ending reveals that he identifies strongly with pacifism. He has a passion for environmentalism and karate.


Fighter's History Dynamite






Page Updated:  Sept. 3rd, 2022

Zazie is a cool African guy who does Karate. He seems like a legit fighter, and that's always good for a fighting game. He's got a cool hairstyle and look... and is easily among the coolest characters in Fighter's History (not like that's saying too much, but hey).

Because Fighter's History was such a blatant Street Fighter 2 rip-off, one can't overlook the fact that Zazie's color scheme and outfit strongly resemble Dee Jay's. while Dee Jay is a more interesting, vibrant character design... Zazie's fighting style ain't bad! He's got this cool footwork thing / dash that he does, which is more like its own mechanic in the game. Big points to Zazie for that. Aside from that, he's got a slightly weird posture and some of his animations are kooky... but his german suplex hits hard and he has some cool kicks. If I played Fighter's History I'd probably main Zazie. (But I will never play that game. lol.)

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