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Zack Fair

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Zack works as a subordinate under Angeal Hewley as a 2nd Class SOLDIER, until being promoted to SOLDIER 1st Class. He falls in love with Aerith, befriends Cloud, Tseng, and Cissnei, and works with Sephiroth until discovering truths behind SOLDIER and Shinra. After being captured by Hojo and experimented on for four years, Zack escapes with Cloud and begins a journey to Midgar to find Aerith. On the way, he is attacked by numerous amount of MPs and is shot multiple times. While dying, Zack gives the enormous broadsword, the Buster Sword, to Cloud. As Cloud stumbles off with the sword heading towards Midgar, Zack is pulled into the Lifestream by Angeal, understanding that he has finally become a hero, as he wished.
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Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring

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Page Updated:  Mar. 10th, 2023

Zack was a somewhat mysterious character in Final Fantasy VII , and not very much was revealed about him until years after the game. Outside of appearing in FF VII for a very short period of time, Zack's first "prominent" video game appearance was actually his fighting game debut in Ehrgeiz! He was a secret character I believe, and was only a palette swap of Cloud, but it was definitely cool (and a bit random) to see him appear in the game.

Zack's storyline was finally explained in the PSP title, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, which I enjoyed playing through. I like how Zack's storyline adds so much to Cloud's, and how his personality completely contrasts Cloud's. Zack's design never really developed until Crisis Core... on that note, I'd recommend that game to any PSP owner. ;) 

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