Yusaku Kudo


Yusaku Kudo is the 19-year-old boss of street-gang (or "crew", as they are referred to in Last Bronx) called "Neo-Soul" hailing from Haneda airport. Yusaku is 171 cm tall and weighs 66 kg. His preferred weapon is a metal sansetsukon (three-section staff). His in-game alternate weapon was a Shinkansen scale model.
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Page Updated:  Oct. 22nd, 2020

This kid was pretty good with the three-section-staff. Visually, Yusaku's outfit design is pretty generic and reminds me of many protagonists from random JRPGs and other games. He also kinda looks like a generic Double Dragon character. Uhhh... Jimmy? No, not that Jimmy. 

I'm confused if Yusaku is supposed to be the protagonist of Last Bronx, but I think that's actually Joe? I'm not sure who was on most of the covers... I need to do some research. Anyhow, keep twirling that 3-section staff, bro! 

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