Vincent Valentine

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Vincent is a mystical man, stern and upright while at the same time dark and mysterious. His primary weapon is a triple-barrel revolver called "Cereberus". His past connection with Shinra, Inc. is what made him join Cloud and the others. He may seem frail at first glance, but hidden inside his body lurks a fearsome power.

After sleeping for years in a coffin, Vincent is found in the basement of Shinra mansion by Cloud and the gang, who had managed to retrieve the key to his room from a safe. Vincent was surprised by Cloud's knowledge of Sephiroth, recognizing Sephiroth as Lucrecia's son, and demanded an explanation. Cloud explains the past events and the atrocities Sephiroth has committed, but this only served to make Vincent feel even more guilty for his failure and he shuts himself back in the coffin.

 After some further coaxing from Cloud, he emerges from the coffin again and tells who he was and about Lucrecia, before sealing himself again. But when Cloud leaves the room and begins to head back upstairs, Vincent catches up to him and joins Cloud after learning that his group may eventually meet up with Hojo with whom he had a vendetta.

Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring



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Page Updated:  Mar. 10th, 2023

FVII became widely known for its badass character designs early on. Then Vincent showed up. Indeed. He became an instant favorite character for many. His debut as an "optional / secret" character in FFVII was such a solid start for the design. And Vincent only got cooler with time. Member of the Turks? Check. Always loved Turks Vincent as well. His Advent Children appearance and starring role in Dirge of Cereberus could've been better overall, but they didn't mess up the design. Vincent should've gotten more screen time over the years... but he always looks cool, he's a vampire after all. I'm really looking forward to his FF7 Remake debut. Hope he still has his Mishima hell-sweeps in the FF7 Remake. :)

Vincent's appearance in Ehrgeiz was... cooool. However, his in-game fighting style was a funny mix of things. For one, he had Kazuya Mishima-style attacks like Hellsweeps, and a pile driver move... ^o^  (This is lore btw. Vincent is a source of power for Kazuya's devil gene. Same vampire blood breeds similar abilities. Makes sense.) Worth mentioning, Vincent's many alternate "beast" forms are pretty cool designs themselves. 

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