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A young 12-year old fighter known for his speed and agility. He trains in the art of Tengen-Ryuu Kenpou (Heaven Meadow-Style Fist Law) at a temple in his village. After being bewildered by what a "hamburger" is, he decides to set out on a journey... but not before he was tasked by his grandfather to paint the faces of 108 defeated foes on a giant scroll that is now holstered on Typhon's back. As such, this was the start of his training journey... but with mistakes made here and there that cost him his honor, he's been fighting to atone ever since while trying to complete his mission. Typon feels like he can understand animals and likes to take naps as a hobby.


The Rumble Fish


The Rumble Fish 2


Page Updated:  July 16th, 2022

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