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Thor is one of several powerful ancient beings who dwell in a magical realm called Asgard. Through history, these beings have been revered and worshiped as gods. Ages ago, Odin, lord of the Asgardian gods, desired a child who would one day exceed him in power. Odin wooed Gaea, the earth goddess, and from their union Thor was born in a small cave in Norway on Earth. Odin took him to be raised in Asgard by his wife, Frigga.

The young Thor grew up alongside his adopted brother Loki, the trickster, who was always jealous of his more favored sibling. Thor grew in power and popularity and on his eighth birthday, Odin had the hammer Mjolnir created for him, enchanting it with powerful magic. Odin decreed that Mjolnir would be presented to Thor when his son had been proven a worthy warrior. After spending the next eight years training and performing heroic deeds, Thor was given the hammer and declared the greatest warrior in Asgard.
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Marvel VS Capcom (assist character)

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Marvel VS Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, MVC: Infinite

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Page Updated:  Oct. 22nd, 2019

Even though I was always a Marvel fan, I never cared much for Thor. However, Thor is a Marvel classic and no doubt deserves his spot in Marvel VS Capcom 3. I knew if they made MVC3 they were going to add him... I should've put money on it. Thor's MVC3 rendition stays true to the character in many ways and conveniently coincided with his huge feature film in 2011, which I enjoyed and I think did a lot for the character.

I originally didn't like Thor because he was an arrogant, big-headed superhero with a superiority complex... but I later learned that those traits are cleverly part of his design... making him a bit more interesting that I originally thought. He has his niche in MVC3 and he's a fairly solid character to use. Some of his taunts and mannerisms are what I'd refer to as "old school superhero," and really make him seem full of himself. He's a god, so I guess he's allowed to be an asshole if he wants... I get it. lol.

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