Tashon Mao


Tashon Mao is a member of a Buddhist temple, and as such, dresses and dons make-up accordingly to his traditions. However, despite his solemn origin, Tashon Mao is not very serious. He usually jokes about things, and has a wacky sense of humor. The only way he gets real is when he is infuriated. His name literally translates to "Giant Panda".

Having been a master of martial arts, Tashon Mao has adopted an artificial wooden hand in order to deliver harder blows. In one of his travels to Japan, Tashon Mao suddenly met a glowing light in the forest. The light was so warm, but the figure inside the light was even more charming. Tashon Mao claimed it was a fairy, but it was really the spirit of Nakoruru, who was on her way to theprison island of Riten Kyo. Nakoruru confused Tashon Mao with a panda, but being completely hypnotized by her beauty, Tashon Mao didn't object at all. After Nakoruru flied away, Tashon Mao follows her to the dark depths of Riten Kyo.


Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage





Page Updated:  May 3rd, 2014

Tashon Mao is one of the oddballs of Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage... I'd call him the Yoshimitsu of the game, in certain ways. One of his hands seems to be "giant" - which he fights with as his other hand is behind his back. He's got some awkward and weird animations... and most of his attacks don't have much oomph. In short, he's mostly a sleeper design in gameplay - but he has an interesting visual design at least.

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