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Shanoa is one of the main protagonists in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. She is a young lady chosen by the order's leader, Barlowe, as the human vessel for Dominus, but just before the ritual is performed, the glyphs are stolen by Shanoa's best friend Albus, and she embarks on a journey to retrieve them, unaware of his true intentions.

In her pursue, Shanoa arrives in the deserted Wygol Village and finds out that Albus kidnapped its inhabitants and keeps each one of them imprisoned in a different location. As Shanoa rescues them throughout the game, she learns that Albus captured them to perform some kind of experiment in them which involved draining samples of their blood. Each villager rescued provides Shanoa with tasks that once completed, provide new rewards. Although completing the tasks is not required to complete the game, its final areas are only unlocked when all villagers are rescued.

In two occasions, Shanoa manages to track down Albus, who willingly lets her retrieve one of the Dominus glyphs in each one of them. But when she finds him possessed by the power of the third glyph, she is forced to battle him. If there are villagers left to rescue at that part of the game, Shanoa retrieves the final piece of Dominus after killing Albus and immediately returns to Ecclesia to perform the ritual. The game ends with her death and Barlowe's plan completed.

However, if all villagers are rescued before Shanoa's final confrontation with Albus, his conscience fuses with hers when she absorbs the final glyph and she learns that Albus true intentions were to find a way to defeat Dracula without Shanoa using Dominus, as he knew that it would cost her life if she used it. He also reveals that the reason he experimented on the villagers was because they were the last descendants of the Belmont Clan, and he (erroneously) believed their blood would have the power to help him control Dominus without it consuming him. As for her lost emotions and memories, he revealed that Barlowe used them to create the glyphs, a fact he hid from her.

Confronting her master after learning the truth, Shanoa hears from him that his true objective all this time was to bring Dracula back to life using her as a sacrifice. After Barlowe is defeated, he ends up offering his own life to fulfill his ambition. With no memories left, no emotions left, and with the death of those who were most precious to hers, Shanoa sets for Dracula's castle to put him back into his eternal slumber, and complete the task she has spent her whole life preparing herself for. Shanoa goes through Dracula's castle and confronts him. She successfully defeats him using Dominus, but seemingly at the cost of her own life. However, Albus appears and reveals that only a soul has to be offered. He gives up his own in Shanoa's place, but not before he asks her to smile for him. Castlevania crumbles into dust and Shanoa escapes. And nothing else happens.
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Castlevania Judgment

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Page Updated:  June 10th, 2019

When I first saw this design, I figured I was "too old" to know who she was... In other words, I'm savy to old school Castlevania games, but can't say I've played through them all (or the Castlevania that Shanoa appears in). Even so, I've come to appreciate this design visually... she's a good design for the series, for sure.

Shanoa's reimagined design in the Castlevania Judgment fighting game is pretty cool too, although I prefer her original look and coloring. Shanoa is pretty. Nice to look at... I'd buy a Pop Culture Shock Toys statue for this chick in a heartbeat.

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