Sasuke is a ninja who's determined to defeat the warlord Nobunaga. This supposedly defies some kind of ninja rules, so he's being pursued by ninja assassins as a result.



Ninja Master's


Cardfighters Clash DS



Page Updated:  Dec. 24th, 2020

Sasuke is a somewhat generic design... but he turned out to be a fairly decent hero for the game. Even so, Sasuke is pretty forgettable compared to many other comparable SNK samurai heroes, like Haohmaru or Kaede. It's likely that you even clicked on this TFG profile, thinking it was another more popular character named Sasuke. lol.

On a side note: Sasuke is the first and only character from Ninja Master's to cross-over to another SNK game! And no... it's not a fighting game. But at least he made it to Card Fighters Clash DS. It's better than nothing.

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