In Bloody Roar 4, Ryoho is the primary playable character as part of a tag team with Mana, playing the human role of the duo in battle. Ryoho belongs to a secret temple that supports both the Buddhist and Shinto religions together (which had managed to escape the Meiji Restoration law that separated Buddhist and Shinto religious activities). A year before there was an attack by the Unborn though after the incident, Ryoho lost his memory. Shortly afterward, a young Shinto miko, Mana, appeared. She had the power of the legendary ninetails. When taken under Ryoho's care, people who were pursuing Mana for her power left her alone. A year later, earthquakes and Zoanthrope violence began to occur. To protect the temple, Ryoho set out on a journey with Mana to face the evil that had caused these problems.

Ryoho managed to defeat the Dragon within himself thanks to Mana's help. When he awoke he found Mana standing over him, assuring him that the dragon had now been resealed. She also admits her knowledge of the dragon and the seal when he asks her about it. The dragon was released by the Unborn's attack the year prior. The Unborn was defeated but the dragon's power was too much for it to exist and the guardians and Mana's sister fought the dragon and re-tested the seal. At that time, Mana was too weak and could not handle the power so her sister had to handle the responsibility of the re-sealing. Ryoho feels guilty because of what happened, and asks to know what the connection is with the dragon. The dragon, as she explains, was made by the life force of the planet to defend it from anything that potentially threatened to damage the world. Because of this, the dragon held back the Unborn. Mana puzzles over the fact the dragon didn't calm down when the Unborn was defeated. Ryoho says that the things most likely to destroy the planet are the humans.


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Page Updated:  April 25th, 2014

Ryoho's appearance was boring to me when I first saw him... but compared to other designs from BR4, I guess he's not too bad. His face definitely looks funny though. It seems like he has really soft skin.... he must moisturize. lol. Baldy has some fairly cool projectile moves in BR4 and definitely seems a bit overpowered (but I didn't play that game enough to actually confirm that - and you couldn't pay me to, for the record).

His dragon form is cool I guess... although it doesn't seem to "match" his human appearance in any way (the way most BR designs are). So that's kinda weird. While his attacks as a dragon are fairly cool.... he actually slows down the entire game, which is hilarious to me. BR4 suffers from slowdown as it is... so yeah, put a giant dragon on the screen and slow everything down times 3. lol.  

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