Rubber Soul
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Rubber Soul is a user of the Yellow Temperance Stand, which allows him to devour flesh, enlarge himself, and assume any form. He first appears diguised as Noriaki where (unknown to Jotaro at the time) his (Noriaki) strange behavior makes Jotaro punch him, which causes a seemingly unremovable glob to attach to Jotaro's hand; neither ice nor fire can remove it. As the two engage in a battle inside a cable car again, Jotaro breaks the bottom of the cable car, drowns Rubber Soul in the lake underneath so that Rubber Soul is forced to deactivate his stand to breath, thus removes Jotaro's glob. Jotaro threatens Rubber Soul to give information about Dio's squad, which Rubber Soul knows little about. However, Rubber Soul manages to reach the land nearby and sends Yellow Temperance through a manhole to noose Jotaro. Jotaro counters by blocking the entire manhole, sending water pressure back to Rubber Soul, drowns him once again and beats him to the depths.

A running gag in the chapters is Rubber Soul's unusual taste for fruits and other living beings. Before his identity is being discovered, he eats cherries by rolling them with his tongue and making "rero rero" sounds. Later after Jotaro defeats Rubber Soul he finds out that the real Noriaki likes to play with cherries in the same manner...

In the game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future; He is disguised as Noriaki for the most of the time, and has some similar moves as Noriaki does. The major differences are that Rubber Soul does not have a stand mode, and that he is not as fast as Noriaki is to deliver large combo, and he is voiced by the same seiyuu as Noriaki. Rubber Soul is named after The Beatles album, "Rubber Soul".


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In the game, he's simply an cheap excuse for a Kakyoin sprite clone. Even though that's kinda lame, he's actually a funny character in some ways. Some of his sprite animations in particular crack me up. Also, what's with his extra wide mouth? lol.

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