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Rise Kujikawa




In her first appearance, Rise is a cheerful 15 year old girl. Originally from the small town of Inaba, she became a very popular Japanese teen idol known as "Risette". After starring in various films, television shows, and extraordinarily popular commercials, one day she decided to quit show business and return to Inaba to attend school and work at her grandmother's tofu shop, Marukyu.

Stressed out and tired of show business, Rise ponders the thought that the masses only admire her "persona" that she presents, Risette. Her biggest insecurity is her individuality. She fears that she has no true self and that her career is making her lose it due to constantly putting up fake faces to the general public. While she initially attempts to change this by running away she is left feeling unsatisfied. By the end of the series, she acknowledges all of those fake selves she presented to others were actually just other sides of her true personality. Upon realizing this she decides to start up her career content that she will be portraying her true self for all to see. After being rescued by the Investigation Team, she joins the team and takes Teddie's place as the party helper / healer.

Rise's Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax story is as follows: Ri
se, gearing for a return from hiatus to the idol industry, has been hard at work with lessons. One evening, she notices strange changes to the town. The streets are now covered in a red fog, and people have been suddenly vanishing. Separated from her friends, what is the resolve to which Rise holds as she is confronted by danger...?

Rise fights using variety of projectiles, such as music notes that explode when certain attacks connect. When she analyzes the opponent, her attacks change greatly, allowing for a unique fighting style. Her Instant Kill Move is True Story, in which her Persona Himiko seizes the opponent while Rise charms them with her singing voice.

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Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax

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Page Updated:  Dec. 30th, 2020

I have to admit... I *ehem* (my character) *ehem*... had a bit of a crush on Rise while playing Persona 4: Golden. With Rise being a pop star (and not much of a fighter), it was kind of a surprise to see her appear as a playable character in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. She's more or less a joke character, as she fights with a microphone and has some other hilarious attacks. Her awakened super move is also a cool homage to the likes of Dance Dance Revolution.

As a design, she's not too elaborate... much like the rest of Persona 4's cast. That said, there are a ton of other fighting game and anime girls that share her "look"... although, Rise's hair is pretty fabulous. The girl's hair game is strong. 5/5. In general, Rise is a nice-looking design and her in-game 2D sprite turned out pretty great! 

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