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June's father, the former scientist Michael Milliam, turned into a dinosaur who wields a Bone Club after Bilstein experimented on him, mixing his human DNA with dinosaur DNA. He fights to try and control his transformation. However, he ultimately fails, and fearing his primal instincts will overtake his human sensitivity and end up having him kill his daughter, he kills himself in the end. He is the only regular character not to return in Plasma Sword (along with Kappah, who is a secret character).

Star Gladiator





Page Updated:  Sept. 20th, 2019

Capcom? Why you putting Primal Rage characters in your games now? lol. I thought this guy was actually Sauron at first... SAME EXACT color scheme. lol. Who would've thought that 2 dinosaurs would appear in 2 different fighting games and have the same damn color scheme. While he's a generic design, Rimgal actually has some unique animations at least (and some funny ones at that). His weapon his kinda crappy-looking though... a staff with a skull through it? C'mon Rimgal, you didn't even put the skull the right way. lol.

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