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Pepsiman is a secret unlockable character in the Japanese Sega Saturn version of Fighting Vipers. He was the Japanese mascot for Pepsi in the late 90's, appearing in various commercials. Pepsiman was removed from the US and PAL versions of Fighting Vipers, only appearing in the Japanese version. Pepsiman also starred in his own 1999 action game developed and published by KID for the original PlayStation (Japan only). The PS1 game is a running game which has the player (as Pepsiman) avoiding obstacles by running, dashing, and jumping. 


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Page Updated:  Jan. 4th, 2020

You've just entered the world of obscure fighting game characters. What do you know about Pepsiman? Living in the U.S., I didn't have much exposure to this character... but I do remember seeing him appear in some gaming magazines I was reading in the late 90's. Overall, he isn't much more than a novelty joke character at best, and doesn't offer much to the cool Fighting Vipers vibe. At the very least, they should've let him appear in the US and PAL versions of the game... and thrown him to Fighters Megamix as well, just for fun.

It's ironic Sega couldn't get the rights for PEPSI-man, a character based on an American drink, to appear in the U.S. version of the game. Ahh well, that silver chain he's wearing around his neck is a bit much (and so 1997). Pepsiman seems like the kind of guy who would hit on Dural... and after she said no, he'd keep hitting on her. (Then she would definitely kick his ass.) There's still something funny and entertaining about Pepsiman. Anyway, I prefer Cherry Coke... with fresh grenadine. On a random side note, a fighting game with characters based on soft drinks would be kinda funny and interesting.

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