Ox appears in Fighter's History Dynamite as a secret boss the player can fight against if they complete the game without losing any rounds. The fight against Ox only lasts 1 round and the game ends regardless if the player wins or loses. Ox is an unplayable character. Karnov did not invite the Ox to the tournament, so he wondered about his intrusion.  Ox is a reference to the ox that appears in the 1984 Data East game, Karate Champ.


Fighter's History Dynamite





Page Updated:  Sep. 10th, 2020

Ox might just be the most clever character design of Fighter's History, ironically enough. Ox is basically a "bonus round" to reward players who would attempt to beat the game and not lose any rounds. Unfortunately, he wasn't a playable character in Fighter's History.

Animation-wise, Data East did a pretty good job with Ox. His 2D sprite is something else. He even has his own M. Bison flame effects. (You know how every character turned into M. Bison in Street Fighter 2 when the got set on fire.) While I was never a fan of Karnov's Revenge... I respect the Ox.

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