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Ned The Janitor
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Ned the Janitor is an alternate skin of Xiao Long. He is a playable character in Mace: The Dark Age with the use of a cheat code, and replaces Xiao Long on the character select screen. Ned the Janitor is armed with a push broom, and is not afraid to use it. Not much else is known about this mysterious combatant.

Mace: The Dark Age




Page Updated:  May 22nd, 2019

Mace: The Dark Age's had some silly Easter eggs in the game, including unlockable bonus characters. Some of them are quite stupid, yet funny. Alongside Pojo the chicken, Ned the Janitor is one of the hilarious "secret" characters in the game. Sadly, he's a reskined Xiao Long and doesn't have any original moves.... but he's pretty good with that mop. 

Seeing Ned the Janitor square off against some of the more serious Medieval fighters was a fairly entertaining quirk in Mace: The Dark Age. Gotta give the devs credit for not taking the game too seriously and having some fun. Ironically... Ned the Janitor VS Pojo (the chicken) almost seems like it could be a realistic bout! ^o^ It's just too bad there isn't a secret public restroom stage in Mace: The Dark Age... Missed opportunity! Overall, Ned might be one of the funniest unlockable characters in any fighting game. 

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