Natsume is a blond beauty who was abandoned at a young age with her sister. With no other guardian available to them, Natsume learned how to fight to defend them from the world's dangers. One day, both siblings experience a nightmare that foretold the birth of a profound evil. Finding the source to be in Japan, Natsume sets out to end the cause.


Ninja Master's




Page Updated:  Aug. 7th, 2019

Pretty generic ninja girl. What a tiny sprite. Is this a fighting game? ...because I've seen bigger character sprites in many 2D side-scrollers and beat-em-ups. 

Natsume is the "token blonde" of her series... every 90's fighting game needed one of these, you know the drill. Bouncing 2D sprite boobs? Check. She was a good attempt at your typical over-sexualized 90's fighting game chick, but there's not much to her design, really. She has some decent-looking attacks from what I remember, but nothing too special or memorable. This Natsume is a pretty generic character design, but she fits in with Ninja Master's roster in that way. Early DOA character? Early DOA character.

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