Marstorius is a fading pro wrestler who wants to prove his worth one last time in the Great Grapple tournament. When he participated in the first tournament, he earned fame and popularity for his accomplishments. During this time, he decided to improve his skills and "perfect a move better than the Double German", learning the "Drill Power Slam" move for the next Great Grapple as a result. Eventually, he dedicated himself to the business world to support his family but was urged by his wife to take up the fight again. In his ending to the second game, he is late for dinner and is scolded (and suplexed) by his wife.

With the fame won the pervious battle, he has been participating in parties in political and financial worlds, devoting himself to his business. But his fading pride was awakened by his wife's remarks. "You are a man to devote your life to fight, I know."


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Page Updated:  Sept. 2nd, 2022

What year is this supposed to be again? Marstorius looks like an outdated caveman / pro-wrestler who should've quit in 1982 but is somehow keeping his gimmick going. (Wait, that's actually part of his storyline? Alrighty then.) Apparently, some think his design is loosely based on American professional wrestler "Brusier Brody". Interesting. However, Brusier Brody was a much better character design than Marstorius. lol.

Moveset-wise, he's a bit of a Zangief rip-off and doesn't offer a whole lot of uniqueness. His 'cute' white loincloth / skirt and caveman garb makes for an awkward-looking clash of a fashion statement. The dude needs a new wrestling gimmick, for real. I think the Fighter's History devs purposely gave him a slightly difficult-to-pronounce name just to make him even more of a poor man's Zangief.

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