Maori Kasuga
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The Kasuga family is renowned for its expertise at performing purification rituals and assisting in all matters related to the Elemental world. Maori lives with her older sister Tsuzune and her younger sisters, Koito and Kouta. In the current generation of Kasugas, Maori is the second-oldest (she is 14). She is in charge of directing the rest of the family during their rituals. She does her best to take care of her younger sisters, and through hard work and discipline, the family tries to maintain the generations-old traditions of the Kasuga shrine. The Ministry of Elemental Affairs has requested that Maori and her sisters use their powers to investigate the skies above Tokyo. Her Arcana is Ohstuchi (Earth), a giant clay figure that draws its power from the faith of mankind.

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Arcana Heart

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Arcana Heart 2, Arcana Heart 2: Suggoi!, Arcana Heart 3

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Page Updated:  July 20th, 2019

The first thing I thought about Maori is that she looks a lot like Mizuki, and on that note, I also remember Mizuki looking like a character from an anime... Ninja Scroll. Anyhow, Maori has completely different moves than Mizuki, but as far as visuals go, this design has been done before. She does have some clever moves and I can see how she'd be a fun character to use. However, I personally find her kinda boring as a design.

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