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A beautiful female warrior who bears a striking resemblance to Kenshiro's fiancee, Yuria. She fights using bladed yo-yo's, Gabishi spikes, and a bowgun. On her twentieth birthday, her parents were slain by Yuda and she was kidnapped by him, having his mark (UD) marked on her back. She escaped and became a new person. 

Rejecting her feminity, she became a warrior and inherited leadership of the village. When the Fang Tribe threatens her village, she hires Kenshiro and Rei to protect it. She is initially attracted to Ken, but Ken does not return her affection. Rei falls in love with her and kills Yuda during his dying days to avenge Mamiya's honor. She appears during the Gento arc and again during the Bolge arc in the end to help Bat save Ken and Lin.


Hokuto No Ken






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