The leader of a violent gang known as Looly Po Po, using his appearance and his strange weaponry as his fighting tools. His motivations are for glory, his reason for entering the tournament. His real name is Marco Bariadrid.

Savage Reign


Kizuna Encounter


Page Updated:  Oct. 27th, 2013

It's as if the designers never heard of The Joker from Batman... (which is pretty much impossible). They couldn't think of a more original name? Ohh, and the "Lolly Po Po" gang sounds really intimidating, too... lol. 

He's a quirky design, but he somehow does seem to fit in with the Savage Reign cast. Design-wise, he's actually fairly original and eye-catching at least. Not terrible for a 90's fighting game design... but still, pretty forgettable when compared to others.

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