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Condor Joe
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Joe is defined in the Gatchaman series as a "tragic, troubled loner," and indeed he seems to be a magnet for disaster. He lives to take revenge on Gallactor for killing his parents back when he was eight years old. It appears his father, Giuseppe Asakura, was a high-level leader in Gallactor until he either ran afoul of organizational politics or developed a conscience and decided to seek asylum with the ISO. It's unclear what his motives were, but he was waiting to meet with Dr. Nambu when a Devil Star fatally shot him and his wife, Katarina. Joe was nearly killed by the Devil Star as well, but was rescued by Dr. Nambu and later trained for the Kagaku Ninjatai. For a long time, he had no clear memories of his parents' deaths or Gallactor's motive for their assassination.

Joe acts as a counterbalance for Ken - impulsive, impatient and furious when Ken is lucid; stable and sensible when Ken is acting irresponsibly. Joe is a top-class marksman and acts as chief gunner for the team. His preferred mode of action is "Shoot it now and improvise the rest," but he is by no means a cold-blooded murderer. He's good at hot-wiring his way out of tricky situations. Excels at throwing darts and knives; every member of the team carries feather shuriken, but use of these weapons becomes Joe's trademark.

After his painful death at the end of the first series, Joe is transformed into a cyborg for Gatchaman II and Fighter - something he attempted to keep secret until Dr. Pandora blew the whistle on him. Since he's nearly indestructible and believes he is a machine whose only purpose is combat, he tends to throw himself into dangerous situations before the rest of the Team can be endangered.


Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars




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Page Updated:  May 22nd, 2019

Condor Joe is a great contrast to Eagle Ken. Unlike Ken, Joe is one of those heroes that isn't afraid to take it to the bad guys like a bad guy... which are the most badass heroes around if you ask me. ;) Joe's fighting style is dynamic, stylish, and also worth mention, his "lazy" default fighting stance is also very similar to Miguel's from Tekken fame. Overall, Joe is one of the most badass characters in the game... Him & Ken make an awesome team.

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