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Jinbei Sugamata


Jinbei Sugamata was a retired warrior, that one day, rescued Suzuhime from the sea. He raised her until she met Takechiyo and ran away. Jinbei now searches for her. A hardened veteran of battle, Jinbei is a traditionalist who is loyal to his lord. He has taken a liking to Suzuhime and treats her like his own daughter, which comes into conflict with his family.


Samurai Shodown Sen




Page Updated:  June 18th, 2019

Uggghhh... Jinbei is yet another painfully generic design from Samurai Shodown Sen. This guy looks like he should be sitting at Cracker Barrel instead of fighting somewhere in Japan. lol. He has a "nice guy" sort of face... and if they went in that direction with this design, maybe Jinbei would've been an interesting character. Sadly, there's not much interesting about him at all. His fighting style has a few traditional Naginata / staff attacks that look "okay"... but his moveset and overall animations are subpar at best.

Compare his Naginata fighting style with the likes of Seong Mina... and this guy seems like the stiffest staff-user ever. Stretch out dude.

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