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Hong Gillson
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Fighting Layer




Page Updated:  May 1st, 2020

Ohh hai Hwoarang, I don't know why you decided to show up in Fighting Layer with a "secret identity"... you're not really fooling anyone. lol. Hwoarang's popularity in TEKKEN 3 created a "look". A look that both Hong and Han Dae Han from Ehrgeiz decided to mooch off of, big-time. You go Hwoarang, you trend-setter. 

In fairness, let's assume "Hong" isn't actually Hwoarang in disguise. In fairness, Hong actually has some pretty cool moves in Fighting Layer. (His TaeKwonDo definitely ain't bad.) Hong's got some fun combos and balances out his roster as the TKD guy. But yeah, he's such a blatant Hwoarang rip-off, it isn't even funny.

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