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Elizabeth is a former resident of the Velvet Room and "one who governs power." She looks frail, but the onslaught she dishes out is off the scale. She can stymie her opponents with Persona Cards, then decimate them with Megidolaon. She is a cheery, curious, humorous, and fun-loving young lady. She serves Igor and takes responsibility of her duty in the Velvet Room. Her final request with the Protagonist reveals that she fell in love with him, but she stopped pushing their relationship further for fear that she might forget her duties as a Velvet Room assistant. Despite that, her love for the Protagonist shows once again when she resigns from her position as an attendant and pursues the Protagonist, who had become the Great Seal, in order to save and free him. Margaret is her older sister.
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Persona 4 Arena

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Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax , BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

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