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Eko has the unique ability to move energy into something so that it can move on its own, which she mainly focuses into drawings. She shares a mutually dependent relationship with her "brother," Kaz, who resembles a large child's drawing. Due to her high level of Ether energy she was sought out by the Drexler Institute and captured. Since Petra had destroyed some of these "protection organizations", not much was known of Eko after that. She does seem to want to find Petra so that they can draw and play together. Eko's Arcana is Saligrama (Luck), which resembles a spirit with a die inside.


Arcana Heart 3




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Page Updated:  June 8th, 2019

Eko is probably the biggest "WTF" character of the Arcana Heart series. This fighting game character is so ridiculous and stupid... that it actually works. I'll admit, Eko is a clever design. When Eko is fighting, she turns heads... or rather, her wacky "green friend" does. That "thing" is the stuff of nightmares, but it's also kinda cute.

The creature that this little girl fights with looks like something a twisted 5 year old drew. Indeed, that's the point... and somehow Eko turned out to be one of the more memorable characters from Arcana Heart 3. This design is slightly disturbing in some ways and not the typical fighting game character I enjoy... but even I can admit this character is entertaining and pretty unique.

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