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Dormammu was once a humanoid sorcerer from the Faltine dimension. He and his sister, Umar, were exiled from Faltine and took refuge in the Dark Dimension. Eventually, Dormammu was able to conquer the Dark Dimension and trade his humanoid body for one composed of mystic energy.

After telling the Ancient One that he wants to take over the Earth dimension Dr. Strange went to the Dark Dimension to stop him. Strange was much more powerful than he had anticipated and defeated all of his minions. Even Dormammu had used up so much of his energy in battle that the barrier holding the Mindless Ones was weakened. Dormmamu then fled to restore this barrier. Strange offered his power to help not wanting the Dark Dimension to be destroyed. Dormammu felt honor bound to Dr. Stange and agreed to not interfere with the Earth Dimension.

Dormmamu eventually decided that he could still have Dr. Strange killed without interfering in, the Earth Dimension by greatly empowering Baron Mordo. Mordo sought to use this power to kill Strange, and captured the Ancient One and lured Strange into the Dark Dimension. Mordo and Strange battled with hand to hand combat until Mordo struck Strange with a mystic bolt from behind. This violated Dormammu's sense of honor and he banished Mordo to another Dimension. He then battled Strange himself and after losing agreed that he would not again use a third party to infiltrate the Earth Dimension.
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Marvel Vs. Capcom 3


Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite

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Page Updated:  Nov. 9th, 2021

Dormammu obviously took the place of the MVC2 fan-favorite, Blackheart. While I'm sad to see the badass, demonic hell demon missing in action, Dormammu is a rather convincing evil entity himself. He has some interesting abilities & moves, which suit his evil persona perfectly. He's a fun and dynamic character to use and equally as entertaining to watch in action.

Capcom did a great job bringing this obscure Marvel character up to date and overall found a solid Marvel VS Capcom 3 villain in Dormammu. Power of the... Power of the... Power of the... Power of the... Power of the creator!!! XD

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