Doctor V.


As well as being a famous surgeon, Doctor V also comes from a family of military fighters.  He believes he has taken the road of medical science to the extreme and he can feel the limit of the latest technology. In order to study ancient medical techniques, Doctor V has taken a trip to the center of the Universe. The ancient medical texts mentioned a certain stone without necessarily confirming it's existence. He also heard that the winner of the Tobal No. 1 Tournament will be given the Royal Stone by Emperor Udan. Thinking that this stone would be useful in his research, Doctor V enters the competition.

Tobal 2




Page Updated:  Jan. 24th, 2023

Dee Jay's cousin? Look at this dude... he's a surgeon and kinda dresses like a Dragonball Z character? Are those boxing shorts he's wearing over his gray sweatpants? LOL. Cool. Must be a new style of the future. I need to check out his movelist before I review him.

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