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Diablo is evil in its purest form. He was released from a fiery prison deep within Earth, to which he was drawn by the pain and torment caused in the Great Cataclysms. When he has conquered the planet, he will live just to  torture it. If none are left to oppose him, he will burn the entire planet, sparing only the cruel and vicious.
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Primal Rage





Page Updated:  July 8th, 2019

As one of the main T-Rexs in the game, I guess Diablo was a pretty cool character. Of course he shared a lot of the same animations as Sauron, since they were sprite clones. Diablo's "fire-breathing" gimmick was pretty cool for the time, and at least made him an memorable character in the series. Plus, you don't generally see red dinosaurs anywhere... so he actually has a bit of originality in the appearance department.

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