Deathstroke first appeared in The New Teen Titans #2 (1980). Along with being a mercenary and assassin, he is a supervillain and sometime anti-hero in the DC Comics Universe. Imbued with enhanced physical prowess by secret army experiments attempting to create metahuman soldiers for the U.S. military, Deathstroke the Terminator (called "Terminator" for most of his published existence) became a mercenary soon after the experiment when he defied orders to rescue his friend and mentor Wintergreen, who had been sent on a suicide mission by a commanding officer with a grudge. However, he kept this career secret from his family, even though his wife was an expert military combat instructor- indeed, she had been responsible for a significant portion of his early training-, until a criminal named the Jackal kidnapped his younger son, Joseph, as a hostage to force Slade to divulge the name of a client who had hired him as an assassin. Slade refused to do so, claiming that it was against his personal honor code, and attacked and killed the kidnappers at the rendezvous. Unfortunately, Joseph's throat was slashed by one of the criminals before Slade could prevent it, destroying his vocal cords and rendering him mute.

After taking Joseph to the hospital, Slade's wife Adeline, enraged at his endangerment of her son, tried to kill Slade by shooting him, but only managed to destroy his right eye. Afterward, his confidence in his physical abilities was such that he made no secret of his impaired vision, marked by his mask which has a black featureless half covering his lost eye. Without his mask, Slade wears an eyepatch.
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Page Updated:  Aug. 29th, 2020

Who named this character? lol. As a fighting game character, Deathstroke (giggle) made a sleepy debut in Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe... but it wasn't really his fault since that game was pure crap. I find his bright-ass orange and blue costume to be a bit loud. Does he really intend to "sneak around" wearing those Fruit Loops colors? Yellow spandex is so 1974. C'mon man, get with the times. Also, is Deathstroke a member of the New York Knicks? "Yo! F*ck the Knicks" (to quote Yipes). Hey, I'm trying to make this fun since this character bores me.

Deathstroke looks arguably better in 2D form... I guess. However, a truly "good" superhero design should look cool in both 2D and 3D. I think this guy tries too hard. Also, any Marvel fanboy can't hold back from informing you that Deadpool is a much better design (and the fact that Deadpool is a more successful design, is well, a fact). But I suppose we can thank "Mr. Strokes-A-Lot" in part for Deadpool's existence. That might be the best part of his design. To be fair, his Injustice incarnation was a big improvement over his FG debut. He has a pretty cool "pew pew" projectile-based moveset... like most do in Injustice... and on that note, he still bores me. There's more to life besides shooting guns, bruh.

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