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Devo (or "Soul Sacrifice" in the Viz Media translation) is a Native American shaman who works as an assassin for hire. To aid him in his craft, he employs the Ebony Devil Stand, the strength and ferocity of which correlates with its user's raw hatred for his or her opponent. To enkindle such a grudge, Devo goads his victims into attacking and injuring him. He then leaves the immediate area, letting his Stand assault the victim at a later, unguarded moment. Though this strategy has earned Devo countless scars, none of his targets has ever survived his retribution, nor been able to relay any information on the nature of his powers. For this reason, it is said that they have succumbed to a curse. Due to his proficiency, Devo's services are sought after by politicians, police forces, military officials and Mafia dons alike.

Like many of the series' antagonists, Devo displays sadistic tendencies, streaks of insanity and unhealthy levels of confidence in his abilities. He appears to take pride in his principle of never allowing a slight to go unpunished, and it is clear that he pursues his career for purposes of bloodthirst as much as monetary gain.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure




Page Updated:  Oct. 20th, 2019

Another insane character, following in the series' tradition. The little doll that D'Bo controls is CREEPY AS HELL... and even mildly disturbing... yet rather funny at the same time. He doesn't look like much at first, but in the game he's an interesting character.

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